Kantian responsability can improve the city quality


Actually, public goods in Mexico are in bad conditions because of the quantity of effort that citizens need to do to have that good, none. If there is no effort to get a good, there is no progress or interest in improving and taking care of the good and, as it is mentioned in the chapter, “an agent is less responsible if he is less likely to have been pivotal.”

The subway in Mexico, for example, is in the worst conditions because it has not received any investment in years. Mexican subway is a public good and is subsidized by the government. There have not been maintenance of facilities or wagons in a long time and people do not think about reacting and doing something about it because they think it is the government’s job.

If the citizens act by Kantian responsibility, they would admit their necessity of a better subway and look for a way to improve this good even dough it was firstly subsidized by the government.

With Kantian responsibility, people may take action in the problems that matter to all and every good, private or public, would be in better conditions, and the city, because of the cooperation, would have better quality.

Tanya Cruz