Closing the global inequality gap but growing the internal inequality breach


When talking about inequality it is easy to see that globally it has significantly fallen in the last few decades due to the globalization. However, after reading the article “It’s time to totally change how we think about inequality” in the World Economic Forum, it brought something up to my attention. We always talk about everyone having the same opportunities and that way ensuring less inequality, but even when everyone has the same opportunities there’s still one more element, luck. This is easily explained in the article with this simple quote:

“To understand the logic and morality of inequality, it is worth digging further into what Hughes says about luck. It is not just that one part of his wealth is due to luck; rather, all of it is. Luck determined that Hughes would be smart enough to get into Harvard and then meet Zuckerberg once there. Likewise, it was luck that Zuckerberg had learned Atari BASIC programming from his father when he was a child”

So it means that even after everyone has access to the same opportunities we still be living in an unequal world because of luck. I understand that with the same equal opportunities at least people would be better off however we would never fully tackle the problem with inequality since it would become even more complex.

I´d love to hear your opinions on this since I think it’s worth analyzing.


Basu, Kaushik, and World Bank. “It’s Time to Totally Change How We Think about Inequality.” World Economic Forum, 4 Apr. 2018,