Bening Violations Immoral Decisions?


We have read that if when equilibrium outcomes possess the sought normative properties, then markets can be said to be moral and to motivate the participants to act in a moral way.

In “Bening Violations” theories of humor often suggest that humor requires a perceived violation, or something that disrupts people´s sense of how the world ought to be. This violation can be seen as reactions to moral violations which provide a compelling test because the moral psychology literature suggests that moral violations elicit strictly negative emotion.

It is said that moral violations seen as bening are more likely to elicit laughter than are behaviours that do not violate a moral norm.

Similar to the case of Obedience to Authority, in a study made to prove moral violations as a laughter generator, participants were more likely yo judge the behaviour in the violations versions wrong than to judge the behavior in the control versions wrong and were also more likely to report laughter in response to violation versions than in response to control versions.

As read in the chapter, were deception is mentioned, as a factor that undermines the validity of subsequent studies, theorists typically describe humor as a strictly positive emotional experience.