Chapter 3

Thoughts on same-sex marriage game (2)
Black Mirror's "Hang the DJ" : An Utopian Centralized Matching Algorithm (5)
The impact of social power (2)
New challenges in multi-hospital kidney transplants (1)
Evidence of Stable Matchings in Real Life (3)
The Roommate Problem is more stable than you think (1)
An easy exercise of matching in the marriage market (4)
The jungle economy at ITAM (1)
What about one-sided matching? (1)
The First App that Uses TTC to Assign School Admissions in the US (2)
Polyamory or Monogamy, Stable Matchings? (4)
What about the unmatched agents? (2)
TTC New Characterizations? (1)
Two extensions of the TTC algorithm (1)
Stability implies Pareto efficiency. What about the other way around? (1)
Market for Organs - Richard Posner & Gary Becker (9)
Market Design- Taking The Marriage Problem to Stanford (1)
On Caring, Competence, and Chimpanzees (3)
Core and Stability (2)
Job Matching - salary adjustment process (1)
Application of matching. How Airbnb ensures host preferences? (2)
Market job incentives (2)
PRO-RENAL and pairwise kidney exchange (2)
Jungle Equilibrium at class (1)
Marriage Problem (3)
(Equitable) Top Trading Cycles Mechanism (1)
House Allocation Problem 3.6 (1)
Deferred Acceptance Algorithm Example (1)
The Roomate Welfare Theorem(3.8) (2)
Reflection on Matching, Marketing, Jungle Economics and Morals (4)