Chapter 2

Mouse experiment and abortion (3)
I like my computer, that probably was assembled by a Chinese that committed suicide (2)
How do firms respond to individuals moral behavior? (1)
Competition and Cooperation (1)
Is Manipulation in Markets an Immoral Approach? (3)
Altruism and economics- Do relationships influence economic outcomes? (4)
P-Hacking - Why do investigators do it? (4)
Does Studying Economics Breed Greed? (6)
Why primitive cultures have a much lower ɣ? The Ultimatum Game (2)
Organ Sale in unfettered markets debate (1)
About how Wealth influences Morals? (2)
Why we shouldn't trust markets with our civic life? (1)
"Doux commerce" and trust: social cohesion (1)
Homo economicus, a pleasant person? (2)
Another prisoner´s dilema: Donating organs in jail (2)
Organ Trafficking (1)
The same situation can be moral and immoral at the same time? (3)
Drugs dilute responsibility (4)
Privotal Ex-Post Problem 2.2 (1)
A Remark on Methodology: p-hacking (3)
Important aspect of Information Economics in the Experiments (5)
More people makes you moral? (3)
Inmoral specific markets? (17)
Hey Guys! I found a podcast about Morality by Michael Sandel (2)
Bety´s Birthday and her annoying sister (7)
Eduardo's Office Hour: 6pm, September 12, 2017 (1)