Chapter 1

Altenative markets, rethinking property rights. An application of the Second Welfare Theorem (3)
Including luxury goods in the model (1)
Alternate Utility Function (1)
Exploring Market Socialism: Is there such thing as a good redistribution of wealth? (2)
Decentralized VS Centralized economy (1)
Can we predict the chances of General Equilibria over time? (2)
Imperfect information about endowments in a Walrasian Equilibrium Setup (2)
Behavioural economics, the future of economic models? (3)
A New Approach: Difficulties when Modeling Behavioral Economics (3)
Is it possible to believe in the idea of an economy with a central planner? (1)
Non-Paternalism and Welfare Economics-Application (1)
The Big Data revolution can revive the planned economy (4)
Rational for addiction (1)
The Death of Welfare Economics? (5)
Is the post-Walras general equilibrium theory irrelevant to real contemporary life? (2)
Walrasian model limitations (1)
Walrasian tâtonnement process with transport costs (2)
Are markets too free? (1)
Walrasian Equilibrium Existence with a Continuum of consumers (2)
Is Polygamy is feminist? A Pareto efficiency approach (2)
Private property -- No trespassing -- (2)
FWT application: The economics theory of state ownership (1)
Thinking about social-general equilibriums (3)
Another Approach at Immiserizing Gowth (3)
Problem 2: Violation on U-Concavity (2)
Question about problem 1.3 (2)
Interesting problem (4)
General Equilibrium with Transfers (2)
Question about the SWT (2)
Do David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini constitute a Pareto set? (8)